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One of the most memorable moments of a Woman's life!

Engagement rings are a testament of one of the most memorable moments of a woman's life. Her commitment to a future marriage is truly a life-changing event and these rings serve to memorialise this notion for years to come. Thus, a great deal of thought tends to go into choosing the most appropriate ring suited for the couple. There are a number of specific options that should be considered and regardless of the style preferred, their designs are both exquisite and refined.

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Engagement Rings


A good majority of modern engagement rings are made of gold. While this is indeed the traditional material used, a number of variants can be seen such as rose and white gold. Each hue will bring a slightly different flavour to the ring and these differences can perfectly accent the precious stone centrepiece. However, silver and platinum are becoming increasingly popular alternatives, as they can serve to add an entirely unique feel to the ring. Also, their lighter colour can add an extra punctuation to any diamonds that may be employed throughout the design.


The number of different designs that one can choose is nearly limitless. Traditional bands that are rather spartan and thin in manufacture tend to allow the gemstone to stand out more while more ornate options including Irish "claddagh" templates can also be chosen. This will all depend on the personality of the wearer and what emotions the ring will signify.


The setting is simply how the gemstone (such as a diamond, ruby or sapphire) is attached the the ring itself. Pronged settings will include small slivers of metal that will embrace the sides of the stone while invisible settings involve attaching the stone to the ring from behind; allowing for a more pronounced look.

The Gemstone

Many consider that bigger stones are a better choice. Although this may be true in regards to a price tag, the stone should ever be so big as to offset the character of the ring. Rather, stone and ring should compliment one another. This balance will give the ring a more aesthetic appeal. Naturally, the size of the stone will depend on personal tastes.

While diamonds are certainly a girl's best friend, rubies, sapphires and emeralds are also popular choices. These can either be presented as a standalone stone or they can be incorporated into an existing diamond design.

These are some of the main factors to consider when searching for that perfect engagement ring. The proper design and gemstone will allow youthful memories to last a lifetime.